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On the I-pad: Why Steve Jobs doesn’t have a clue

April 10, 2010

and neither do you.

Nobody knows. The future of the I-pad and its repercussions have been described all over. Recently I read about it in Newsweek (it made the cover), as well  as half a dozen blog articles that I can’t quite find the links to anymore. The bottom line is that Steve Jobs is clueless.

When I say clueless, I am not jumping on the bash Steve bandwagon, what I mean is that he doesn’t have a clue how the I-pad will be utilized.

The future of the I-pad will be decided by a three sided triangle. Apple has laid the base of the triangle (the platform) while programming ingenuity and consumer demand will decide the remaining sides.

It is unknown what consumer needs will be solved or what types of ingenius applications developers will design. Already I have seen interesting blogs such as this one centered around how lawyers may use these new tablets.

Now I understand the concerns about Apple being so restrictive on their platforms, but overall I think it is a winner. Its time for some other companies to step up and out design and innovate Apple. Until then, Apple will continue to dominate with App store close behind.

What do you think about the future of the I-pad? Is it going to be a revolution in content creation and absorption?

Or is it just an oversized I-phone?

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